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Speedgroup´s crew on BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motorshow 2015. Next week the show is on again! The SPEEDGROUP crew on BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motorshow 2015. Next week the show is on again, different constellation of staff and race vehicles on display, but hopefully equally interesting!

Published 17th of March 2016

It all comes down to communication..

I don´t know how many times I have experienced that it all comes down to communication. When I started working for Speedgroup in 2009, the company had recently been assigned as administrator for the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. It was our first official assignment. At that time, we had no entry or registration system in operation. Today we are spoiled with, a database used by thousands of drivers to enter races and display their drivers profile, race vehicles, teams and sponsors. Most of the event organisers we work with use it. The system doesn´t only collect information, it displays results from many races and is an excellent source of information; not only for competitors, but also for media, track announcers and fans. A wellworking medium for communication.Back in 2009, we started pretty much from zero. One of my earliest missions was to collect contact information to the drivers, which Speedgroup had (indirectly) been assigned to communicate with. By communicating with the former FIA championship track operators at Mantorp Park, we got initial information which we could build on. Since then we have kept in contact with FIA championship drivers continuously. Added new ones to the contact list as they have come along and kept the ones quitting or taking a break in the loop of information still if they wanted (and most of them do). Also today, a telephone number or email adress may mean all the difference in the world when it comes to communication.

With more than 800 teams participating in the EDRS series alone, it is a challenge to get information through to the receivers to the extent we aim for. With a mix of live meetings, participation a few times a year at the web-TV show Motorsoffan… and also by being particular with publishing our contact information in various (relevant) places, I would like to believe we are at least easy accessible for anyone. I personally don´t like corporate sites where you cannot even find a name of a person in charge of something, all you get is a form to fill in and a submit button to click. I don´t say it is wrong. It´s just not the way I prefer it.

In Speedgroup we want to let people know we are people too, with names and email adresses and telephone numbers. Even photos. We are here, available and willing to communicate.

Our colleagues at have played a key role in communication, keeping the drag racing community informed long before the use of Facebook exploded. They are also today the leading news provider in Europe, serving us all with news relevant to the sport of drag racing. Almost every day of the year.

While too little communication may lead to room for misinterpretations or speculations, too much or frequent communication may mean your message gets considered as spam and ignored (I know it from personal experience). To get it right is a true challenge.

A few things Speedgroup would like to communicate at this time:

– The upcoming BILSPORT Performance & Custom Motorshow March 25-28th – Come see us and the celebrity race vehicles on display from Micke Kågered, Ellsa Karlsson, Julia Borén Stolt and team Wallberg Racing! On display at Elmia fairgrounds, booth B03:98

Our Junior Project F.U.N.N. (for youngsters educational and joy or in Swedish “För ungdomars nytta och nöje”). Project co-ordinators Janne and Yasmine have just completed a folder for the upcoming show and it will be followed by a page on the EDRS website, where they let us know about activities planned for the season.

Registrations open at Soon time to sign-up for a new year in the FIA Championship , EDRS Pro Nordic MC Championship or sort the annual fee for EDRS Drivers & Riders Club.

The Contingency Sponsorship Program! – filled with values by premium suppliers to the sport and lovingly cared for by Birgitta, our contingency co-ordinator.

Our Series and Championship websites fills up with news from teams, track operators and suppliers to the sport by our (very communicative) editors Lena and Remco. The portal is a good place to start the navigation.

And, the Annual Shareholders meeting is coming up on April 23rd. Invitations to attend are being emailed this week to all shareholders.

If you have ideas connected to communication, how you think Speedgroup could improve and develop our means of communication, I would be interested to learn about your opinions. What works for you? Let´s communicate!

With best regards,
Åsa Kinnemar/CEO Speedgroup tel. +46 (0) 70 5315332

Communication – The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium (source

Countdown to the dragr racing season 2016.. first event for Speedgrouo is the EDRS race in Vårdgårda 7-8 th of May

Countdown to the dragr racing season 2016.. first event for Speedgroup is the EDRS race in Vårgårda 7-8 th of May

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