Event Preview Tierp Internationals

Tierp Arena SWEDEN

Venue: Tierp Arena Sweden  Dates: June 4-7th 2015

General Event Preview
FIA European Drag Racing Championship round #2 is hosted by Tierp Arena in Sweden. The venue, which is located an hour north of the capital Stockholm was built in 2011. It is the only purpose built concrete drag racing track in Europe. And like the tag line states, Tierp Arena is a world class facility for the sport of drag racing. The privately owned track got new owners in 2014, but the two founders who made it happen are still highly active operating teams in the FIA Championship; Lars-Erik Lindberg and Leif Andreasson (both are in the methanol funny car class).

Close to 280 teams are entered for Tierp Internationals and they come from 8 countries in Europe.
The event is included in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship (cars), EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship, EDRS European Drag Racing Series (cars and motorcycles and including Junior Dragster). For three of the car classes, Pro Modified, Competition Eliminator and Junior Dragster, this also counts for Swedish drag racing championship Dragracing SM (only applies to Swedish contestants).

Qualifications in the EDRS classes starts on Thursday June 4th while the FIA Championship cars and Nordic championship motorcycles enter the track on Friday June 5th for qualifications, two sessions and further two on Saturday. On Saturday some of the EDRS classes start the eliminations and Sunday June 7th is race day for the championships and EDRS teams still in competition.

Event coverage – useful Links:  
– Venue website: www.tierparena.com
Participants Tierp Internationals 2015
Schedule Tierp Internationals 2015 general
– Live reports available through the service of Eurodragster.com
– Timing system data published throughout the event at www.dragracing.eu
– Live streaming web-TV coverage Saturday-Sunday, services provided by SMART-TV.
€15 covers two days Signup opens Thursday at www.smartv.se /direct link http://ppv.smarttv.se/

Also, don´t miss to  check out the FIA Class Event Preview in a separate article!

Speedgroup´s media crew on site look forward covering the event in co-operation with Tierp Arena, Eurodragster.com and SMART-TV!

Class Review FIA Main Event – Top Methanol Dragster

Dave Wilson and Dennis Habermann

The Habermanns outstanding, but victory stayed in the UK

Venue: Santa Pod Raceway, UK
Dates: May 22nd-25th 2015

The return to competition of Germany’s Werner Habermann Racing team was among the most exciting news during the pre-season. The family-operated team consists of two almost identical blown Top Methanol Dragsters piloted by brothers Dennis and Timo. At the FIA Main Event the Habermanns gave their competitors a tough time and secured one of the final-round spots after they had raced each other in the semi-final in the quickest and fastest side-by-side TMD match of the entire event. But final victory in championship round #1 stayed in the UK.

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Class Review FIA Main Event – Pro Stock Car

Winner of FIA Main Event – Jimmy Ålund, Sweden

Venue: Santa Pod Raceway, UK
Dates: May 22-25th 2015

Ålund re-writes the records

The 2015 Pro Stock championships certainly started with a bang at the opening round in England.  On a good track and with near ideal atmospheric conditions, The Pro Stock cars could really show what they were capable of.  They did not disappoint! Personal Best laps, European speed and ET records, close racing, mighty burn outs and a great pit atmosphere made for a really happy event.  Not even the rain on Sunday morning managed to spoil any of our race event.  Jimmy even managed to race with a damaged back, and Thomas worked around some mechanical issues the team discovered on Friday.  Altogether, the opening round at the Santa Pod Main Event was brilliant and memorable.
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Class Review FIA Main Event – Top Methanol Funny Car

Leif Andreasson photo by Remco Scheelings

Venue: Santa Pod Raceway, UK
Dates: May 22nd-25th 2015

Andreasson in championship lead leaving Santa Pod

The Top Methanol Funny Car class has struggled for contestants in recent years and did so again at this season’s opening event. While reigning champion Johan Lindberg has chosen to join the championship for round #2 at Tierp, the runner-up in the 2014 championship, Leif Andreasson  from Sweden, was on site and in good form.  He was accompanied by the only female driver in the class, UK-based Stephanie Milam, and veteran Jürgen Nagel from Germany. Unfortunately the fourth entered driver, Danny Bellio from Belgium, had to cancel after having more or less wrecked the engine during a test run just days before the event.

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Class Review FIA Main Event – Top Fuel Dragster

Anita Mäkelä

Anita Mäkelä rules at Santa Pod FIA Main Event

Game, set and match in Top Fuel for Anita Mäkelä at the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, the opening round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. From the number one qualifying position Mäkelä reset the European ET record to 3.912 seconds in the first round of eliminations to claim victory with a string of 3-second runs. Although the rest of the Top Fuel field was close together, the Finnish crowd favourite was in a class of her own as she was the only one to run into the 3 seconds and break the 300 mph barrier.  Continue reading

Class review FIA Main Event – Pro Modified

Class Review FIA Main Event – Pro Modified

Venue: Santa Pod Raceway, UK
Dates: May 22-25th 2015

Mats Eriksson winner at Santa Pod

A couple of PB´s and consistently good runs for the winner says that the FIA/FIM Main Event was a fantastic weekend for the racers. Right now the Pro Modified teams are back home, updating their cars for the race weekend in Tierp in just a week, after a great start in UK. Continue reading

Best appearing team award presented by Classic Graphix

Swedish Pro Stock driver Magnus Petersson and his team was selected as Best appearing FIA team at Santa Pod Raceway during the FIA Main Event May 22-25th.

The award is presented by US based supplier Classic Graphix to one FIA championship team at each of the six events included in the 2015 race calendar. Speedgroup handle the Best appearing team program and asked the Eurodragster.com crew Andy Rogers and Simon Groves to be in charge of the (not so easy) decision.

Magnus and crew are indeed worthy winners and the photo speaks for itself.

photo by Lena Perés


Wins and European records for Anita Mäkelä and Jimmy Alund at Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway

Anita Mäkelä finished off a record-setting weekend at Santa Pod Raceway by claiming a victory over Stig Neergaard in the Top Fuel final. Jimmy Alund was winner in Pro Stock at the Main Event and reset both ends of the European class record. Mats Eriksson (Pro Modified), Leif Andreasson (Top Methanol Funny Car) and Dave Wilson (Top Methanol Dragster) also were winners of the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship.  Continue reading

Michael Gullqvist is the new leader after Sunday qualifying for Main Event at Santa Pod

Anita Mäkelä (Top Fuel), Leif Andreasson (Top Methanol Funny Car), Timo Habermann (Top Methanol Dragster) and Jimmy Alund (Pro Stock) remained at the top of their categories based on their Saturday qualifying performances and will lead their categories into Bank Holiday’s eliminations for the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. In Pro Modified Michael Gullqvist stormed to a stunning 5.882 seconds to take over the number one qualifying position from Saturday leader Mats Eriksson. Continue reading

Anita Mäkelä leader in Top Fuel; European Pro Stock record Jimmy Alund after day one at Santa Pod

Anita Mäkelä is the leader in Top Fuel after the first day of qualifying for the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. Mäkelä recorded a great 3.96 seconds in the second round of qualifying today. In Pro Stock reigning champion Jimmy Alund reset the European record with a stunning 6.527 seconds. Leif Andreasson and Timo Habermann are the leaders in Top Methanol Funny Car and Top Methanol Dragster after day one. In Pro Modified Mats Eriksson was in a class of his own with a great 5.956 seconds and is the provisional leader with two runs to go tomorrow.  Continue reading