Jan Ericsson had to defeat multiple champions to claim his first FIA title

Jan Ericsson fired a warning shot at the end of the 2018 season with runner-up finishes at Hockenheim and Santa Pod and a third place in the FIA European Pro Modified Championship, only 11 points short of the number two position. Although not the clear favourite, it could barely be a surprise that Ericsson entered the fray for the 2019 title from the very first moment. As the season progressed, Ericsson became ‘the man to beat’ and as nobody was able to do that in the final race of the season, Ericsson claimed his first and well deserved FIA European Pro Modified Championship.  Continue reading

Veronica Olderin, from powerboat star to Top Fuel rookie

Veronica Olderin is the latest and more than welcome asset to the FIA European Top Fuel ranks. The name of this Swedish racer will not immediately ring a bell for most of the European drag racing followers, but for the fans of powerboat racing, that will be totally different. Olderin won several titles and the 2015 World Championship in the 3B category of powerboat racing, and if Olderin and her team have their way, the drag racing world will soon know her as well. Continue reading

Marck Harteveld and Voodoo Hemi Racing join the 2020 FIA tour

In a great ‘end of the season party’, Voodoo Hemi Racing thanked their sponsors and partners and celebrated Marck Harteveld’s 2019 Motorsport UK Pro Modified championship last Saturday evening, October 12th. But the team didn’t only look back at last season, Harteveld also announced that Voodoo Hemi Racing will focus on the FIA European Pro Modified Championship next year and will join the full 2020 FIA tour. Continue reading

Drag Racing Europe AB announces the 2020 FIA European Drag Racing Championship calendar

The calendar for the 2020 FIA European Drag Racing Championship has today, October 4th, been ratified by the FIA World Motor Sport Council and will be campaigned with the following rounds.

*Round 1 – ‘Main Event’ (Santa Pod Raceway) – UK  May 22nd / 25th

*Round 2 – ‘Tierp Internationals’ (Tierp Arena) – Sweden 4th / 7th June

*Round 3 –  ‘Summit Internationals’ (Tierp Arena) – Sweden 13th / 16th August

*Round 4 – ‘Nitro OlympX’ (Hockenheimring) – Germany 28th/ 30th August

*Round 5 – European Finals’ (Santa Pod Raceway) – UK 10th/ 13th September.

There will be five (5) rounds in 2020. The FHRA has decided to not hold the round in Finland in 2020.  “We have decided to not host a FIA Drag Racing Championship round in Finland for 2020. In 2019, the move to the new track in Kauhava took a lot of efforts and we need some time to make sure we can be a successful part of the FIA championship again in 2021. This will give us the opportunity to improve the Kauhava facilities to better meet the needs of the European Championships. We look forward to getting back to calendar on 2021”, said FHRA’s Chairman Lasse Koskinen

The board of Drag Racing Europe AB (DRE) will continue to communicate with the FHRA to look towards the future and a return of Finland to the FIA European Drag Racing Championship.