Trond Jostein Høiberget


Competition class & race number Super Twin Motorcycle ST7
Name Trond Jostein Høiberget
Nick name Elvis
Printable team profile (pdf) Team_Profile_2015_EDRS_Pro_STM_TrondJostein_Hoiberget
Age 52
City where I live Bøverbru
Country Norway
Family Anya Jonas and Joakim
Year I started in drag racing 2008
How come I started Have been mechanic for several Norwegian Team
Other classes I have raced in Pro ET
Merits I am proud of Nr 1 Nordic 2009 Runner up Finals Santa pod NM 2009 EM nr 4 2010
Hobbies beside drag racing Motorcycle
Favorite travel destination USA
Favorite food All Eater
Persons I admire in or outside drag racing Jonny Wickers ,Ton Pels
Motto I live by Full Throttle
My best quality (what makes me a good rider) Reaction Time
My goals for 2015 TO RIDE FAST
Brand Top Fuel Harley
Cc 3200
Chassis built by Gunnar Olson
Year model 2001
Engine RPR Rolfstad pro Racing
Suppliers/parts Unic Racing
Team name TJH Racing
Crew chief Juha (Jussi) Hintukainen
Mechanics Bjørn Nordrum,Odd Magnar Solheim
Social medias adress:
Company name Product / services Website
Elite Bil Car Sale/Repair
PCI Concrete Products

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