Hans Olav Olstad

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Competition class & race number Super Twin Top Fuel,  # ST1
Name Hans Olav Olstad
Printable team profile (pdf) Team_Profile_2015_EDRS_Pro_NMC_STM_HansOlav_Olstad
Age ½ 100
City where I live Lena
Country Norway
Family Yes, AnneMarit and Benedicte
Year I started in drag racing 1994
How come I started Bad friends
Other classes I have raced in Harleydrags, Streebike, Super Twin Top Gas.
Merits I am proud of – First Norwegian to win a single UEM event
– No. 2 in the UEM Championship
– Winner EDRS Pro Nordic MC Championship 2014- Several time winner of Nordic Cup and two times no. 3 in UEM Championship
Hobbies beside drag racing Family and friends
Favorite travel destination Home
Favorite food Meatballs
Role model/person I admire in or outside drag racing Per Bengtsson
Motto I live by Never give up
My best quality, what makes me a good rider Never give up
My goals for 2015 Never give up, and win EDRS.
Brand Puma
Cc 1684ccm
Chassis built by Gerardus Willhelmus Willemse
Year model Finnished by Olstad Racing Crew 2012
Engine Puma/GB-Tech
Suppliers/parts GB-Tech, UNIC racing, and my self
Team name Olstad Racing Team
Crew chief Anne Marit
Mechanics Anne Marit, Trond, Kjetil, Axel, Robert, Flemming, Kåre
Other crew members Bjørnar, John Anners
website www.olstadracing.no
Company Product /services website
Lena Anleggsservice Digging
Kulelagerhuiset Bearingsupplier www.kule-as.no
Eni Oil www.eni.com
Dekkteam Tire supplier www.dekkteam.no
Swecomposite Composite supplier www.swecomposite.com
Billakkspesialisten Color www.billakkspesialisten.no
GB Tech AS Milling and watercutting www.gbtech.no
Knapphus Fuel www.knapphus.no
Tech-Con Technical Consulting
Frostman Etek AS Special Oil www.frostmann.no
GMS Motorcycle shop www.gms-as.no
Profilhuset Grafisk Banners www.profilgrafisk.no
Travel Partner
Racing Fuels Partner