Jani Kumpulainen


Competition class & race number Super Street Bike SSB 28
Name Jani Kumpulainen
Nick name Jani
Printable team profile (pdf) Team_Profile_2015_EDRS_Pro_NMC_SSB_Jani_Kumpulainen
Age 42
City where I live Nastola
Country Finland
Family Wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter
Year I started in drag racing 1995
How come I started A motorsport friend,  Juha Rautsiala ask me to come.
Other classes I have raced in SB, SGB, ProSB
Merits I am proud of Finnish and Scandinavian Championships.
Hobbies beside drag racing Snowboarding, floorball and parkour
Favorite travel destination A warm and peaceful place by the water.
Favorite food Indian
Motto I live by Do what you wanna do most.
My best qualities (what makes me a good rider) Experience and regular performance
My goals for 2015 Drive under 7,5, tops speed over 300 and win a race.
Brand Suzuki
Cc 1340
Year model 2008
Engine Gen2
Other info Supercharger
Team name J&J Full Throttle Team ry
Crew chief Jani Kumpulainen
Mechanics Timo Laaksonen, Jukka Uuttu
Other crew members Kari Airos, Saku Ritola
Website www.jjftt.fi
Company name Product / services Website
EE-Speed Motorcycles and parts www.ee-speed.com
VMP Temporary Labor www.vmp.fi
Ravintola Pikkuhukka Restaurant
Kasins  Oy Stone Prosessing Partner www.kasins.fi
Masivill Oy Pant maccinery and paints www.masivill.fi
Novowood Oy Wood based panels www.novowood.fi
Koneboss Oy Tools www.koneboss.fi
R-Motorsport Motec Engine Management www.rmotorsport.com
Seinäjoen Rengaskeskus Tyres www.rengaskeskus.fi
Travel Partner
Racing Fuels Partner