Björn Friström



Competition class & race number Super Street Bike # 46
Name Björn Friström
Nick name Björne
Printable team profile (pdf) Team_Profile_2015_EDRS_Pro_SSB_Björn_Friström
Age 45
City where I live Mora
Country Sweden
Family 2 kids and a sweet wife
Year I started in drag racing 1989
How come I started I wanted to try out my streetbike
Other classes I have raced in Street Bike, Pro Street Bike
Merits I am proud of NMC Champion 2014
Hobbies beside drag racing Snowmobiling
Favorite travel destination New York
Favorite food Everything beside fish
Role model/person I admire Valentino Rossi, Kevin Schwantz
Motto I live by Do it today, tomorrow is to late
My best quality, what makes me a good rider The higher pressure, the better I ride
My goals for 2015 To do what I did 2014, only better!
Brand Suzuki Hayabusa
Cc 1300
Chassis built by Mcintosh Antony Navarro
Year model 2008
Engine RG Engineering
Suppliers/parts Orient Express
Team name Team Street & Strip Magazine
Crew chief Patrik Borgh
Other crew members Seth Friström
Travel Partner
Racing Fuels Partner