Ellsa Karlsson


Competition class & race number Pro Stock Motorcycle  – PSM 97
Name Ellsa Karlsson
Printable team profile (pdf) Team_Profile_2015_EDRS_Pro_PSM_Ellsa_Karlsson
Age 17
City where I live Storvreta
Country Sweden
Family Dad, Mom and 4 sisters and brothers
Year I started in drag racing Junior dragbike 2008-2009, Pro Stock 2014-
How come I started Because my sister run I suppose
Other classes I have raced in Junior dragbike 2008-2009
Merits I am proud of My first seven second run
Hobbies beside drag racing Ride my own horse
Favorite travel destination USA
Favorite food Pasta
Role model/person I admire Don´t have one
My best qualities, what makes me a good rider Do not know yet, but I´m good at listening
My goals for 2015 Develop as a driver and running quickly
Brand Suzuki TL1000R
Cc 1500cc
Chassis built by Track Dynamic
Year model 2004
Engine Suzuki Vortex
Team name Elvira Racing
Crew chief Robert Karlsson
Mechanics Robert Karlsson, Anders Forsberg, Tony Sundström
Other crew members Tomas Eriksson
Social medias Instagram.com/ellsakarlsson
Company Products/ services Website
Teisab Elevators www.teisab.se
Kullager.se Bearings web sales www.kullager.se
Travel Partner
Racing Fuels Partner