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EDRS Pro Nordic MC decided in record breaking style at Tierp Arena

Jan Sturla Hegre (Top Fuel Motorcycle), Marcus Christiansen (Super Twin Motorcycle), Robert Karlsson (Pro Stock Motorcycle) and Mathias Bohlin (Super Street Bike) were the winners in their respective categories at the Dico Internationals, but only Hegre doubled up by winning the title as well. In Super Twin Motorcycle a record breaking Tommy Grimes clinched the title with a runner-up finish, while in Pro Stock Motorcycle and Super Street Bike 2017 multiple race winners Thomas Lysebraate Olsen and Mogens Lund secured the title with a semifinal finish at Tierp Arena. In Super Comp Bike Emil Östlund doubled up with a win and the title, while in Super Gas Bike Micke Ölen was the winner, but the title went to Iiro Reinola. With six champions from five countries, the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship titles were well distributed. Continue reading

Jan Sturla Hegre, Tommy Grimes, Thomas Olsen and Mogens Lund clinch the 2017 EDRS Pro Nordic MC titles at Tierp Arena

Jan Sturla Hegre

Jan Sturla Hegre won the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship in Top Fuel Motorcycle in style by winning the Dico Internationals at Tierp Arena, the fourth and final round of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship. In Super Twin Motorcycle Tommy Grimes recorded stunning elapsed times and won the title, but was beaten in the final by Marcus Christiansen. In Pro Stock Motorcycle Robert Karlsson was the winner at Tierp, but the title went to Thomas Lysebraaten Olsen, winner of three races this season. In Super Street Bike Mathias Bohlin was the surprise winner of the Dico Internationals, but with Mogens Lund, winner of the first three races of the season and semifinalist at Tierp, this category had the champion that deserved the title the most. Emil Östlund and Iiro Reinola clinched the 2017 EDRS Pro Nordic MC titles in Super Comp and Super Gas Bike. Continue reading

Tommy Grimes, Sverre Dahl, Fredrik Fredlund and Mogens Lund number one qualifiers at Dico Internationals

In two of the four categories of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship there were no changes in the number one qualifiers after Saturday qualifying for the Dico Internationals at Tierp Arena. Tommy Grimes (Super Twin Motorcycle) and Sverre Dahl (Top Fuel Motorcycle) couldn’t improve on their earlier performance, but their elapsed times from Friday were enough to lead their respective categories into tomorrow’s eliminations. Fredrik Fredlund (Pro Stock Motorcyle) and Mogens Lund both scored major improvements and took the lead in their categories.   Continue reading

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Champions 2017
Jan Sturla Hegré, NOR - Top Fuel MC
Tommy Grimes Jr USA - Super Twin MC
Thomas Olsen, NOR - Pro Stock MC
Mogens Lund, DEN - Super Street Bike
Emil Östlund, SWE - Super Comp Bike
Iiro Reinola, FIN - Super Gas Bike