Remco Scheelings

Consistency brings Peter Östlund the 2018 EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Comp Bike title

With no fewer than 27 riders scoring points in the championship, Super Comp Bike was one of the most competitive categories of the 2018 EDRS Pro Nordic MC. But still, Peter Östlund claimed the title with an impressive 191 points advantage over the number two in the championship after four races. Consistency and going rounds in every race were the reasons behind his extremely succesful 2018 season. Continue reading

Marcus Christiansen collects number ones

Marcus Christiansen’s first full season in Super Twin Motorcycle could hardly have been any better. The 24-year-old Dane claimed the 2018 EDRS Pro Nordic MC title and the FIM Europe European title as well. Being probably the smallest team in the pits, the hard work of the family run squad paid off with race wins, records and titles. And because the competition in Super Twin Motorcycle is close and tough, the Danish team will spend the winter improving their championship winning bike. Continue reading

Champion Thomas Pettersson finishes the season on a high

Thomas Pettersson claimed his second EDRS Pro Nordic MC Top Fuel Motorcycle title in 2018 after the TEAM 817 rider won the championship in 2016 and was the runner-up in 2017. An impressive track record, but that doesn’t mean that the 2018 championship was an easy one for Pettersson. After some far from trouble free races, Pettersson climbed into the number one position at the last race of the season, resetting his personal best and winning the event. Continue reading

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