Kalle Lyrén takes summer break with sights set on record ET


In the second round of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship in Alastaro, Finland, last weekend, Kalle Lyrén, VEIDEC Racing, put down an ET of 6.98 in the qualifying rounds of the Pro Stock Motorcycle category, his fastest run ever in Europe. Unfortunately, the eliminations were cancelled due to rain, but with the win in the opening round in Tierp, Kalle has a massive championship lead ahead of the two last rounds in Gardemoen and Tierp after the summer break. 

”There are two races left and we will keep on doing what we´re doing,” says Kalle Lyrén. ”Unfortunately we only got the points for qualifying in Alastaro but we are in the lead and we just have to focus on getting the bike to work as it should.” Going below the seven second mark in Europe has been a long standing target for Kalle and he finally made it in Alastaro after three qualifying runs at 7.04, 7.01, 7.02.

”We have been going after a sub-seven second run in Europe for a long time, but everything has to be perfect in order to go that fast. We have found harmony in the chassis, the engine and the driver. It’s not one big thing, it’s a lot of small things that have come together.” Kalle attributes a lot of the success to his American tour this winter. ”We really learned how to work on the bike, to learn the causes and effects of what we were doing. That gave us the continuity needed and that’s the big difference compared to last year.”

Kalle now has his sights set on another target, the fastest ET ever recorded in Europe, 6.95. ”It won’t happen at Gardermoen, the next race. The track is new and there will probably not be enough grip, that´s a race where we will just have to manage the situation to the best of our ability, but come Tierp and the finals… That will be a great opportunity and there will be another couple of fast bikes there to push me even further. We will definitely go for a sub 6.95 there.”

Next stop in the racing calendar for Kalle Lyrén is Gardermoen in Norway, August 5-7, and just three weeks later, Tierp is the host of the finale, August 25-28.

Text and photo: PR

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