Tierp Arena, first stop for the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship


What better place to start a championship than at Tierp Arena. This world class racing facility will host the first round of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship, June 4-7. The state of the art all concrete drag strip holds almost all European records and the NHRA style facility is one of a kind in Europe. 

Tierp Arena will host two rounds of the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship this year, the first round June 4-7 and the fourth and final round August 21-23. Tierp Arena is by far the best equipped and state of the art drag racing facility in Europe. Track, grandstands, paddock and start/VIP tower were built by racers for racers, with the American NHRA racetracks as their  big example. What makes Tierp Arena even more unique; it’s the first and still only European full-length all concrete drag strip.


The facility, almost 120 kilometers north of Stockholm, was opened in 2011 and in no time almost all European records were reset at Tierp Arena. After one round for the FIA European Championship in 2011, the next two years Europe’s fastest cars visited Tierp twice a year. Also the famous Swedish Touring Car Championship raced at Tierp. Early 2014 new owners bought Tierp Arena and made further plans to develop the track and surrounding area.


Nils Lagerlöf, on behalf of Tierp Arena, about the new season. “We look forward to the upcoming FIA European Championship and EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship race, June 4-7. We are proud to see so many and high quality entries in all classes. That’s great for all the fans and spectators that will come to see the races. At the moment it’s extremely busy in the Arena, as many things have to done to host such an important and great race event in the best possible way. Track preparation is an ongoing activity and the stadium and buildings are inspected to see if everything is in perfect condition. It has been a hectic time since the new owner bought the stadium. To organize and meet all the people that were needed to operate the Arena and its events, took a lot of time. And of course to continue with, and complete the construction work that was initiated and planned. It won’t take long until the entire conference facility will be completed, also including twelve hotel rooms. This autumn work will start to make the events even more attractive for the spectators and to develop the large area around the Arena. There are also well advanced plans to build a rally cross track here.”


So still a lot to come at Tierp Arena. But first it’s time to kick off the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship. For more information about Tierp Arena and the Tierp Internationals: www.tierparena.com

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