Kalle Lyrén, steady 7.0-second runs and small steps towards the 6-second zone


Although only 27-year-old, Kalle Lyrén is one of the most experienced, successful and well known Pro Stock Motorcycle riders in Europe. Always looking for improvements the young Swede had his best season so far last year with new personals bests and being crowned as the first ever Pro Stock Motorcycle champion in the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship.

“Looking back at the 2014 season is a great feeling of course since we won the championship. We had some issues in the beginning and the middle of the season with broken parts. We only had one engine which made it quite tough, but since we had built a new bike, we had a limited budget. Our best race was for sure the final race in Tierp, where everything really started to work for us. The competition was much tougher during this race and there were also more competitors, which made it even more fun. We had a lot of friends cheering for us during the weekend”, says Kalle Lyrén, who lives in Surahammar, and as son of Pro Stock Motorcycle team owner Roger Lyrén, grew up in drag racing. As a sales agent for Parts Europe and Sales manager for Lyrén Motorsport, even when he is not racing, it’s hard to do not think about motorcycles.


But 2014 is history and Kalle is in full preparation for the new season. “At the moment we don’t have so much time to spend on the racing since we have our own business to take care of. In the motorcycle business during the off season we have very much to do for preparing and build relationship with dealers. It’s a lot of traveling and meetings now. Of course you spend many hours ‘thinking’ about the racing, making plans and talking with partners etc.. Since we built a completely new bike for 2014, we will only do some small adjustments. Most of this is just for the look, since we didn’t have the time to do it before last season. The new chassis is really working good and we just need to keep finding the right tune up for it. The plan is also to have a spare engine this year so we still can race if one engine breaks.”


But there was more, and something even far more important than all race results together that made 2014 a special year. In December wife Jessica gave birth to daughter Indy, and that’s an extra reason to look forward to the new season. “At first it will be my first year as a father and will have my family with me at the races, so this will be really fun. Also spending time with my fantastic crew and team is really important for me.” But also performance wise he can’t wait to go racing again. “I feel that we are on our way to understand the tuning and set-ups we have been working on for many years. We went through problems during the years, but this made us stronger and we have a lot of experience.”


With his Lyrén Motorsport Suzuki GSX-R Kalle reset his personal bests at the August Tierp Arena race with 7.031 sec. and 305.95 km/h. And there are new goals for the oncoming season. “The main goal is for sure to compete in the series and try to keep the gold at the end of the year. But the most important thing for us is, to have fun at the races and try to develop ourselves and our tuning experiences. Of course that first 6-second run for me is a big thing. We are quite close now, but there is still some more work to do before we are there. If the conditions are good at the Tierp races and we can keep up with the tuning, I think there is a possibility to make it. But even more important, is to run steady 7.0-second runs and take small steps towards the 6-second zone. Maybe it’ll happen this season…”


And the chances to win a second EDRS Pro Nordic Pro Stock Motorcycle championship? “It will be a very tough year with many good racers. I’m very sure Elvira Karlsson will be very fast. All riders have updated their material and especially for the both Tierp races it will be very hard competition. Kenneth Holmberg, Timo Savoilainen, Roy Olsen, Elvira Karlsson can run in the 7.0-zone, so this year will for sure be fun.”


It’s no surprise after last year’s win, Tierp Arena is Kalle’s favourite track and especially the August race. “Tierp is my home track and the Arena is the best we have. Both for public and for the racers, we always know what to expect. The track is always good and the facility is awesome. But another track I love is Malmö Raceway. Unfortunately the braking area is a little bit too short for us to do full testing, but the track is always good and the people are great. The August meeting at Tierp is my favourite race, mostly because it’s the end of the season and you have gained a lot of experience during the season to use as data when tuning the bike. Also the weather uses to be good in August. I also liked to race in Mantorp back in the days and hope to get that track back again someday.”


Lyrén Motorsport will continue to work with VEIDEC as the number one partner. “We will also continue our partnerships with Vance&Hines, Parts Europe, Drag Specialties, ICON, Bobster, Bates Leathers, Mickey Thompson, Motorrad Sweden, Swecomposite and KN Filters. And we have just signed up and bought a new Opel Vivaro from ‘Björkmans Bil’. We’ll do some partnership with them this year. And we are talking to some more potential partners”, says Kalle. Will it be possible to keep the number one another season? Time will tell, but for sure, it will be an exciting season.


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