Hans Olav Olstad puts Thunderstruck on top again


Hard work, dedication, his never give up mindset and love for the sport make Hans Olav Olstad to one of the most popular Super Twin Motorcycle riders in the paddock. In 2014 the Norwegian got his reward by winning his next big trophy, the first ever EDRS Pro Nordic MC Super Twin Motorcycle title. For at least one season Thunderstruck is number one again.

Hans Olav Olstad got his first drag racing licence in 1994 and made his first ever Super Twin Top Fuel start in 2003 at Valle Setesdalen in his home country Norway. The beginning of a long and successful, but sometimes also far from trouble free Super Twin career. His determination made the now 49-year old Norwegian to never give up, with many great trophies as a result.

“I’m proud of being the first ever Norwegian to win a UEM event, the Santa Pod Main Event 2004 and that our team participated in every UEM event, so all races, without any brake, from the Main Event Santa Pod 2004 until the Euro Finals Santa Pod 2011. I don’t know how many races in a row it is, but I don’t think anyone else did the same number of races in my class in an unbroken line. Last year we won the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship, after winning the Nordic Cup several times too. But winning good races gives more fun than winning a championship. We were number one qualifier three times and second one time. There were three rainouts and in one race we broke the main shaft of our engine in the quarterfinal and had to see “elaka tanten” Anna Lena Asplund in front of us at the finish line. Most of the season we struggled with collapsed pistons and had to change pistons every second run. We found some good settings for the start, but struggled a bit more from the 1/8 mile to the finish line”, Hans Olav says, looking back at the season.


Thunderstruck’s chassis was built by Dutchman Gerard Willemse and finished in 2012 by Hans Olav and his crew. Before the 2015 season starts, heavy Top Fuel car pistons from BME will be mounted with a rebalanced crank and a new primary cover will be made. And last but not least, the team (re)built the inside of their new bus, a 1998 Scania 602 Star. “2015 is going to be the hardest year so far to race Super Twin in the Nordic Championship, a lot harder than the European Championship. The goal is winning and to keep Per, Svein Olav, Samu, Jaska and all the others behind me and win another championship. It’s going to be tough, but also fun. I’m really looking forward to this season. My personal bests are for the ¼ mile 6.58 seconds and 353 km/h (Alastaro, June 2013) and for the 1/8 mile 4.22 seconds and 296 km/h (Tierp, August 2013). I expect to see new personal bests”, Hans Olav says, and the reigning champion expects Per Bengtsson, Jaska Salakari, Svein Olav Rolfstad, Samu Kemppainen and Ismo Mäenpää to be his main rivals.

Hans Olav Olstad

“The racing plan for 2015 is two races in the Norwegian Championship at Gardermoen, the four races in the EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship and one sprint race at Mosten. That’s seven weekends, about six days for every race makes 42 days a year, beside hundreds of hours in the workshop during the winter. Racing takes a lot of time, but we like it”, says Hans Olav, calling Tierp Arena and Gardermoen his favourite tracks. “Tierp cause the quality, and Gardermoen because it’s my home track. But my favourite race meeting is Mosten, they have the best music, Back in Black “Thunderstruck”.”

In GB-Tech, Dekkteam, Tech-Con, ENI, Lena Anleggsservice, Knapphus, Kulelagerhuset, Billakkspesialisten, Profilhuset, Swecomposite and GMS Gjøvik Hans Olav has loyal sponsors, but sadly he can’t race the FIM races this season. “The three rounds, two in England and one in Germany cost too much money. But if there are some nice people or companies who want to help us out, and see Thunderstruck doing good numbers and spectacular flames in the FIM rounds, please contact me. We do have the best spot available for you and your company on the bike and team gear.” Two major titles in one year for Thunderstruck? Why not?

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