Points standings 2016

Any complaints about the final points rankings must be made by September 15th to be considered. Please contact EDRS points co-ordinator: Carl-Erik Kihlman carl-erik.kihlman@speedgroup.eu 


Funny Bike FINAL

Super Comp Bike FINAL

Super Gas Bike Central FINAL

Super Gas Bike North FINAL

Super Street Bike FINAL

EDRS PRO 2016 Pro Street FINAL

EDRS PRO 2016 Stock Super Stock FINAL


Comp Eliminator 2016 FINAL

Jr Dragster Central 2016 FINAL

Jr Dragster North 2016 FINAL

Pro Street 2016 FINAL

Stock Super Stock 2016 final_rev

Super Comp 2016 FINAL

Super Gas 2016 FINAL

Super Street 2016 FINAL

Top Doorslammer 2016 FINAL

Jr Bike Central 2016 FINAL
Please note, Jr Bike North – no participants

Pro ET Central 2016 FINAL

Street 10,5 FINAL

Pro ET North 2016 FINAL

Super Pro ET 2016 FINAL

Super Pro Street FINAL

Points after Tierp
Super Comp Bike 160829
Super Gas Bike Central 160829
Super Street Bike 160829

After Lindesberg
Jr Bike Central final
Pro ET Central final
Pro ET North final
Super Pro ET final
Super Comp Bike 160822

Super Gas 160822
Super Gas Bike Central 160822
Super Street 160822
Jr Dragster Central 160822
Jr Dragster North 160822

After Gardermoen

Comp 160808
Jr Bike Central 160808
Jr Dragster Central 160808
Jr Dragster North 160808
Pro ET Central 160808
Pro Street 160808
Super Comp 160808
Super Comp Bike 160808
Super Gas 160809
Super Gas Bike Central 160808
Super Gas Bike North 160704

Super Pro ET 160808
Super Street Bike 160808

After Hagfors and Fällfors

Super Comp Bike 160720
Jr Dragster North 160720
Super Pro ET 160720 
Comp 160718
Jr Bike Central 160718
Jr Dragster Central 160718
Jr Dragster North 160718
Pro ET Central 160718
Pro ET North 160718
Pro Street 160719
Stock Super Stock 160718
Street 10,5 160718
Super Comp 160718
Super Gas 160718
Super Pro ET 160718
Super Street 160718

After Thunder Valle, Piteå and Alastaro
Comp 160712
Jr Bike Central 160712
Jr Dragster Central 160712
Jr Dragster North 160712
Pro ET Central 160712
Pro ET North 160712
Pro Street 160712
Stock Super Stock 160712
Street 10,5 160712
Super Comp 160712
Super Comp Bike 160712
Super Gas 160712
Super Gas Bike Central 160712
Super Pro ET 160712
Super Street Bike 160712
Top Doorslammer 160712

After Sundsvall and Haapsalu

Top Doorslammer 160703
Super Street Bike 160704
Super Street 160704
Super Pro Street 160704
Super Pro ET 160704
Super Gas Bike North 160704
Super Gas Bike Central 160704
Super Gas 160704
Super Comp Bike 160704
Super Comp 160704
Street 10,5 160704
Stock Super Stock 160704
Pro Street 160704
Pro ET North 160704
Jr Dragster North 160704
Jr Dragster Central 160704
Jr Bike Central 160704

After Tallhed Orsa

Super Street Bike 160627
Super Street 160626
Super Pro Street 160626
Super Pro ET 160627
Super Gas Bike North 160627
Super Gas Bike Central 160627
Super Gas 160627
Super Comp Bike 160627
Pro Street 160627
Pro ET North 160627
Pro ET Central 160627
Jr Dragster North 160627
Jr Dragster Central 160627
Jr Bike Central 160627

After Thunder Valle and Tierp Internationals

Comp 160520
Jr Bike Central 160620
Jr Dragster Central 160620
Jr Dragster North 160620
Pro ET Central 160620
Pro Street 160620
Stock Super Stock 160620
Super Comp 160620
Super Comp Bike 160620
Super Gas 160620
Super Gas Bike Central 160620
Super Pro ET 160620
Super Street 160620
Super Street Bike 160620
Top Doorslammer 160620

After Malmö Raceway and Fröya 

Super Comp 160524
Jr Bike Central 160524
Jr Dragster Central 160520
Jr Dragster North 160520
Pro ET Central 160520
Pro Street 160520
Stock Super Stock 160520
Super Comp Bike 160520
Super Gas 160520
Super Gas Bike Central 160520
Super Pro ET 160520
Super Pro Street 160520
Super Street Bike 160520

Top Doorslammer 160515

After Vårgårda 

Jr Dragster Central 160509
Jr Dragster North 160509
Pro ET Central 160509
Pro Street 160509
Stock Super Stock 160509
Super Comp 160509
Super Gas 160509
Super Pro ET 160509
Super Street 160509
Super Gas Bike Central 160509

Points co-ordinator: Carl-Erik Kihlman carl-erik.kihlman@speedgroup.eu

On the Agenda:
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Registration for EDRS Drivers & Riders Club is open at www.dragracing.eu.

New 2018! Introducing the Summit Racing Pro ET & Super Pro ET Super Series!
In this new series in the series concept PET and SPET track champions get the chance to race each other in a final at Tierp Arena in August! Read all about it at the new Super Series page on this website!

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