Points 2018

Points after Malmö May 19-2oth:
Points after Vårgårda May 11-12th:
Points rankings for the Summit Racing EDRS Series 2018 are published on this page after each event. Please, note that not all classes are run at each individual event.
Contact in points related questions: co-ordinator Carl-Erik Kihlman tel. +46 703102601 carl-erik.kihlman@speedgroup.eu
On the Agenda:
Event entry is open to a number of events at www.dragracing.eu. Don´t miss to read the event invitation and supplementary regulations the organizers has placed there.

Registration for EDRS Drivers & Riders Club is open at www.dragracing.eu.

New 2018! Introducing the Summit Racing Pro ET & Super Pro ET Super Series!
In this new series in the series concept PET and SPET track champions get the chance to race each other in a final at Tierp Arena in August! Read all about it at the new Super Series page on this website!

Speedgroup encourage teams to share news for publishing with media officer Lena Perés at lena.peres@speedgroup.eu
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