Points 2017

Points rankings for the Summit Racing EDRS Series 2017 are published on this page after each event.
Please be aware that not all classes are run at each individual event. Contact in points related questions: co-ordinator Carl-Erik Kihlman tel. +46 703102601

Points after Gardermoen – FINAL SERIES POINTS RANKINGS

Please note, protests against final points rankings must be made to the points co-ordinator at the latest September 29th to be considered. 

Stock Super Stock Final
Comp Eliminator final

Jr Bike final
Junior Dragster Central final
Junior Dragster North final
Pro ET Central final
Pro ET North final
Pro Street final
Super Comp Bike final
Super Comp final
Super Gas Bike final
Super Gas final
Super Pro ET final
Super Street Bike final
Super Street final

Points after Mosten
Funny Bike 170905

Super Comp Bike 170905 (correction published Sept 7th)
Super Gas Bike 170905

Points after Tierp Arena August 24-27th

EDRSPRO Pro Modified FINAL – champion Michael Gullqvist, SWE
EDRSPRO Stock Super Stock Final (updated Sept 4th) – champion Rick Mc Cann, SWE

EDSPRO Pro Street FINAL – champion Seppo Raussi, FIN
Comp Eliminator 170828

Jr Bike 170828
Junior Dragster Central 170828
Junior Dragster North 170828

Pro Street 170828
Super Comp 170828
Super Comp Bike 170828
Super Gas 170828
Super Gas Bike 170828
Super Street 170828
Super Street Bike 170828

Points after Lindesberg August 19-20

Jr Bike 170821
Junior Dragster Central 170821
Junior Dragster North 170821
Pro ET Central 170821
Pro ET North 170821
Super Comp Bike 170821
Super Gas 170821
Super Gas Bike 170821
Super Pro ET 170821
Super Street 170821

Points after Sundsvall August 11-13

Super Comp Bike 170813 (revised)

Top Doorslammer final points 20170814
Comp Eliminator 170813
Jr Bike 170813
Junior Dragster Central 170813
Junior Dragster North 170813
Pro ET North 170813
Pro Street 170813
Stock Super Stock 170813
Street final
Super Comp 170813
Super Gas 170813
Super Gas Bike 170813
Super Pro ET 170813
Super Pro Street final
Super Street 170813
Super Street Bike 170813

Points after Tallhed (MC) August 5th

Tech points awarded – event cancelled due to rain

Points after Gardermoen July 27-30

Comp Eliminator 170731

EDRSPRO Pro Street 170731
EDRSPRO Stock Super Stock 170731

Pro Street 170731
Stock Super Stock 170731
Super Comp 170731
Super Comp Bike 170731

Super Gas 170731
Super Gas Bike 170731
Super Pro ET 170731
Super Street 170731
Super Street Bike 170731
Jr Bike 170731
Junior Dragster Central 170731
Junior Dragster North 170731
Pro ET Central 170731

Points after Fällfors July 14-15

Comp Eliminator 170719
Jr Bike 170719
Junior Dragster Central 170719
Junior Dragster North 170719
Pro ET Central 170719
Pro ET North 170719
Pro Street 170719
Stock Super Stock 170719
Street 170719
Super Comp 170719
Super Comp Bike 170719
Super Gas 170719
Super Gas Bike 170719
Super Pro ET 170719

Points after Piteå July 7-9

Top Doorslammer 20170709
Comp Eliminator 170710
Jr Bike 170710
Junior Dragster Central 170710
Junior Dragster North 170710
Pro ET Central 170710
Pro ET North 170710
Pro Street 170710
Stock Super Stock 170710
Street 170710
Super Comp 170710
Super Comp Bike 170710
Super Gas 170710
Super Gas Bike 170710
Super Pro ET 170710

Points after Alastaro June 28 – July 2

EDRSPRO Pro Street 170704
EDRSPRO Stock Super Stock 170704

Pro Street 170704
Stock Super Stock 170704
Super Comp Bike 170704
Super Gas Bike 170704
Super Street Bike 170704

Points after Sundsvall June 30 – July 2 (TD only)

Top Doorslammer 170702

Points after Tallhed/Orsa June 23-25th

Jr Bike 170626
Junior Dragster Central 170626
Junior Dragster North 170626
Pro ET Central 170626
Pro ET North 170626
Pro Street 170626
Stock Super Stock 170626
Street 170626
Super Comp 170626
Super Comp Bike 170626
Super Gas 170626
Super Gas Bike 170626
Super Pro ET 170626
Super Pro Street 170626
Super Street 170626

Points after Tierp Internationals June 15-18th

Top Doorslammer 170620
Super Street Bike 170620
Super Street 170620
Super Gas Bike 170620
Super Gas 170620
Super Comp Bike 170620
Super Comp 170620
Stock Super Stock 170620
Pro Street 170620
Junior Dragster North 170620
Junior Dragster Central 170620
Jr Bike 170620
Comp Eliminator 170620

EDRSPRO Stock Super Stock 170621
EDRSPRO Pro Street 170621
EDRSPRO Pro Modified 170621

For EDRS Pro Nordic MC Championship Points, please see www.edrspro.com

Points after Thunder Valle June 3-4th

Jr Bike 170605
Junior Dragster Central 170605
Junior Dragster North 170605
Pro ET Central 170605
Pro Street 170605
Super Comp Bike 170605
Super Pro ET 170605
Super Street 170530

Points after Vårgårda May 26-27th

Jr Bike 170530
Junior Dragster Central 170530
Junior Dragster North 170531
Pro Street 170530
Stock Super Stock 170530
Street 170530
Super Comp 170530
Super Comp Bike 170530
Super Gas 170530
Super Pro ET 170530

Super Street and Pro ET – await points to be published.

Points after Tallhed May 20-21st

Jr Bike 170522
Junior Dragster Central 170522
Junior Dragster North 170522
Pro ET Central 170522
Pro ET North 170522
Pro Street 170522
Stock Super Stock 170522
Street 170522
Super Comp 170522
Super Comp Bike 170522
Super Gas 170522
Super Gas Bike 170522
Super Pro ET 170522
Super Street 170522
Super Street Bike 170522

Points after Malmö Raceway May 13-14th

Comp Elminator 170516
Jr Bike 170516

Top Doorslammer 170516
On the Agenda:
Event entry is open to a number of events at www.dragracing.eu. Don´t miss to read the event invitation and supplementary regulations the organizers has placed there.

Saturday November 24th: Dinner and awards presentation banquet for Summit Racing EDRS Series, EDRS Pro and FIA Championship. Location Nyköping Sweden. Sign-up opens mid september.

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