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VP Racing Fuels at Kauhava

Message from contingency partner VP Racing Fuels

Specialty Engineering / VP Racing Fuels Finland will supply VP fuels to the Kauhava FIA race on July 5-7th. Please place your order at race(at) latest by July 2nd. Motorsport 109 and C85 fuels are available in 5 gallon pails and 15 gallon drums, M1 and M5 methanol in 5 gallon pails. Handy plastic 5 gallon VP fuel jugs for easy refuelling are also available. Please be sure to show the VP decals on your car/bike to be eligible for the contingency pay-outs, decals available at our ‘little fuel shop’ at track. See you at Kauhava !

Simo Patoharju,

SCE Engineering Oy, Jokisuuntie 3, FIN-00560 Helsinki, Finland

tel +358-440-705 835,

SFI Foundation re-certification tour kicked off in The Netherlands

Luke Robinson, Jen Faye, Andy Robinson, Jaap Blom, Sven Klut, Lars-Göran (LG) Eriksson

The 2019 European SFI re-certification tour kicked off yesterday in Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands. Racers and team members from Germany, Switzerland and of course for all The Netherlands, travelled to Hotel Ibis, located almost at Schiphol Airport, to re-certify wheels, bell housings, clutches and flywheel shields, to be race ready for the new season. The SFI crew had a busy morning, but as all teams arrived early, they were ready in time to catch their flight to Helsinki for the second stop on the European tour. Continue reading

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