About Summit Racing EDRS Series


Since February 17th 2017 the series operates as Summit Racing EDRS Series. The (former) EDRS European Drag Racing Series, which is operated by Speedgroup is Europe´s biggest competition series for drag racing.
During 2016 close to 800 teams from 10 countries participated in events run under EDRS flag. The series include a broad variety of competition classes, both cars and motorcycles, juniors and seniors.

In the Summit Racing EDRS  Series, regional and international racing combine and the series offer an attractive concept for teams and organisers to be part of. Speedgroup work with the series on an all year round basis. The assigned work group hold a broad range of relevant skills within the group and meetings are operated every week, all year round. Speedgroup administer and promote the Summit Racing EDRS Series. We also operate in a support function for teams, organisers, class associations and federations on an all year round basis. The development of the series in between seasons is made in communication with the parties involved. Features offered to teams include membership in the Speedgroup Drivers & Riders Club, a Contingency Partner Sponsorship Program and ferry discounts. In 2016 the Series Prize funds was $19 500. and in addition event prize funds are applicable for all classes at the individual series events.Car classes run the series:
– Competition Eliminator
– Junior Dragster
– Stock Superstock
– Super Comp
– Super Gas
– Super Street
– Pro ET
– Super Pro ET
– Top Doorslammer
– Street
– Super Pro Street

Motorcycle classes:
– Super Gas Bike
– Super Comp Bike
– Funny Bike
– Junior Bike

The series origins from the NDRS Dragracing Series which was acquired by Speedgroup from Svensk Dragracing in March 2011 and the Year after became the EDRS European Drag Racing Series. From 2017 it operates as Summit Racing EDRS Series.

On the Agenda:
November 25th - Banquet and Award giving ceremony. Location Nyköping, Sweden Sunlight Hotel. Entry is open! All info and order form, see the BANQUET 2017 page!

Speedgroup encourage teams to share news for publishing with media officer Lena Perés at lena.peres@speedgroup.eu
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