It’s already that time of year again…and we wish you all happy greetings

It´s been a hot and fast 2018 season which now have come to the end. Now it´s time to sait back and enjoy the memories, think of what updates there is to do before next season and take time to hang out with friends and relatives, celebrate Christmas and New Year eve in good al matters.

Soon the 2019 season is here and we will have a great time at the tracks around Europe again. We wish all and everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Racing Year!

On the Agenda:
Event entry is open to a number of events at Don´t miss to read the event invitation and supplementary regulations the organizers has placed there.

Saturday November 24th: Dinner and awards presentation banquet for Summit Racing EDRS Series, EDRS Pro and FIA Championship. Location Nyköping Sweden. Sign-up opens mid september.

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