Serieswinners in Summit Racing EDRS Series 2018

After a hot, hard and fast 2018 season we can now present the winners in all classes of Summit Racing EDRS Series and EDRS Pro Series.

After 25 events all over Scandinavia during 2018 season, we can now present the winners in the 21 classes of the Summit Racing EDRS and EDRS Pro Series. An intensive but fun summer, where racers from 14 countries have done a fantastic job traveling the roads, made big efforts at the tracks fighting over points. In total they made 2151 launches this season in five different countries. Huge congratulation to all of you fantastic drivers and riders!

Winner in Summit Racing EDRS Series 2018:

Pro Modifired:  PRO W – Andreas Arthursson  RU – Michael Gullqvist 3rd – Jan Ericsson    

Stock/Super Stock: PRO  W – Rick Mc Cann  RU – Lars Bodén   3rd – Lars Nyberg

Pro Street PRO:  W – Seppo Raussi  RU – Daniel Hållestam 3rd – Pelle Arvidsson

Top Doorslammer: W – Mats Stefansson  RU – Anders Edh  3rd – Caroline Strand

Competition: W – Jens Eklund   RU – Gideon Liljegren 3rd – Lasse Britsmar

Stock/Super Stock: W – Theodor Brandt RU – Mathias Munter  3rd – Lars Nyberg

Street: W – Rolf Berglund  RU – Angelica Larsson  3rd – Helena Olsson

Pro ET C: W – Richard Falkenberg  RU – Jonas Larsson 3rd – Niclas Wikander

Pro ET N: W – Anders Edin RU – Linnea Malmberg   3rd –  Thomas Olsson

Super Pro ET: W – Björn Hultberg  RU – Stefan Jansson 3rd – Lucas Karlsson

Pro Street: W – Lars Berglund  RU – Daniel Hållestam 3rd – Christian Kongshem

Super Pro Street:  W – Kenneth Lingvall  RU –  Beng Thyr  3rd – Anna Knutes

Super Street: W – Ulf Lundgren  RU – Isak Lagg  3rd –  Christer Gustafsson

Super Gas: W – Håkan Mattsson  RU – Annica Larsson 3rd – Patrick Wickman

Super Comp:  W – Mikael Nilsson  RU – Mari Udtian  3rd – Elin Aarvik

Jr Dragster N: W – Wilma Andersson  RU – Fanny Andersson  3rd – Mats Arntzen Wanvik

Jr Dragster C: W – Tomas Nurminen  RU – Kerttu Lehtonen  3rd – Tindra Christensen

Super Street Bike: W – Mathias Bohlin  RU – Vesa Ruhanen 3rd – Mogens Lund

Super Gas Bike: W – Jami Oksanen RU – Ellen Ödegaard 3rd – Jenni Pekkarinen

Super Comp Bike: W – Tomas Jonsson RU – Emil Östlund  3rd – Peter Östlund

Jr Bike:  W – Eemeli Helkkala  RU –  Milo Ahonen  3rd – Tryggve Kjärstad



On the Agenda:
Event entry is open to a number of events at Don´t miss to read the event invitation and supplementary regulations the organizers has placed there.

Saturday November 24th: Dinner and awards presentation banquet for Summit Racing EDRS Series, EDRS Pro and FIA Championship. Location Nyköping Sweden. Sign-up opens mid september.

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