Monthly Archives: August 2017

Mosten here we come!

The 24th Mosten Raceday in Denmark is coming up next and this is a very special event. Good racing at the one-strip race track, good music, great camping area and a lot to take part of at Mosten MC club area. 

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Expect an action-packed weekend in Tierp

Time for a tripp to Tierp Arena again! Don’t miss out this big racing feast!

Tierp Arena and Dico Internationals is next up in Summit racing EDRS Series. One of the biggest events of the European dragracing season and full fields in almost all classes, FIA, EDRS Pro as in Summit Racing EDRS Series. Right now, the track crew is working their butts off to get the track in best possible shape and the pit crew is getting the pit area ready to welcome all the racers. The heat is building up!

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On the Agenda:
February 1st: The EDRS Guidelines 2018 document is now online on the Guidelines Document page.

February 10th:
Registration for EDRS Drivers & Riders Club opens at Sign up at the latest March 31st to get the 15% Early bird discount!

February 12th:
Class calendars published. Find out at what tracks and when your race category is raced in the series! - See the calendar page.

Introducing the Summit Racing Pro ET & Super Pro ET Super Series!
In this new series in the series concept PET and SPET track champions get the chance to race each other in a final at Tierp Arena in August! Read all about it at the new Super Series page on this website!

February 17th: Meet Speedgroup at Åby Motormarknad!

Speedgroup encourage teams to share news for publishing with media officer Lena Perés at
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