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Speedgroup Award Giving Banquet Intro Film 2016 – Videography by Jesper Rådegård

We have published a videography produced by Jesper Rådegård exclusively for the Speedgroup banquet November 26th 2016 at Sunlight Nyköping Sweden.  A banquet awarding drivers and riders in the EDRS, EDRS Pro Nordic MC and FIA European Drag Racing Championships.

We hope you will enjoy this film, which captures the spirit of drag racing and show a few of the many fantastic people active in our sport!


All rights reserved by Speedgroup and Jesper Rådegård.
Filmed at Tierp Arena Sweden June and August 2016.

On the Agenda:
November 25th - Banquet and Award giving ceremony. Location Nyköping, Sweden Sunlight Hotel. Entry is open! All info and order form, see the BANQUET 2017 page!

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