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EDRS Pro Nordic MC riders to Man Cup World Finals in Valdosta

The 2017 EDRS Pro Nordic Motorcycle Championship might be over, but for at least five riders and teams the last race at Tierp Arena was not the end of their season. Their great performances at the grand finale encouraged them even more to make the big step and enter the Man Cup World Finals, held on November 16-19 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Valdosta, Georgia, USA.   Continue reading

The European Finals, rain can’t stop the 2017 FIA European champions

The European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway was the sixth and final race of the 2017 FIA European Drag Racing Championship. Bad weather hampered the grand finale, but the champions couldn’t be stopped by the rain as they all reached the finals in their respective categories. With Duncan Micallef, Timo Habermann, Michael Gullqvist and Bengt Ljungdahl the FIA European Championship got the champions that deserved the titles the most, and luckily, the title race in all four classes was already decided before the rain brought an early end to the last event of the championship. The qualifying and eliminations results were published on during the event, and all details can always be reviewed in the excellent live coverage on In this article we look back at some highlights and notable events of the European Finals. Continue reading

Duncan Micallef, Timo Habermann, Michael Gullqvist and Bengt Ljungdahl clinch the 2017 FIA European Drag Racing Championship titles at Santa Pod

Duncan Micallef (Top Fuel), Timo Habermann (Top Methanol), Michael Gullqvist (Pro Modified) and Bengt Ljungdahl (Pro Stock) are the 2017 FIA European Drag Racing champions. All four drivers secured the title in style by reaching the final in their respective categories at the European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway. For Micallef, from Malta, and Ljungdahl, from Sweden, it is their first European championship. Habermann and Gullqvist, already multiple champions, clinched their title on Friday in qualifying. Continue reading

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