BILSPORT steps up class sponsorship for Pro Mod







Swedish BILSPORT Magazine is the long-time class sponsor for the Pro Modified class. BILSPORT is one of the titles owned by the leading motor publishing house in the Nordic region. The company, Albinsson & Sjöberg, publishes around 15 magazine titles, which are distributed in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Furthermore some 15 exhibitions and events are arranged yearly attracting around 200 000 visitors. www.fabas.se

The BILSPORT Pro Mod class sponsorship is connected to the EDRS Pro concept, which is part of the Summit Racing EDRS Series. The BILSPORT Pro Mod calendar 2017 includes the four biggest drag racing events in the Nordic region:

15-18 June Tierp Arena SWE
30 June – July 2 Alastaro FIN
27-30 July Gardermoen NOR
24-27 August Tierp Arena SWE – FINALS

For the 2017 season the class sponsorship prize fund has been increased by 25% to 100 000 (SEK).
It will be shared by the top 5 drivers. Based on the final points rankings after the four events the winner gets SEK 50 000. The runner-up is entitled to SEK 20 000, while the 3rd placed driver will enjoy a payout of SEK 15 000 for his/her achievement. Position 4 is awarded with SEK 10 000 and finally the 5th position will get SEK 5 000.

The 2016 EDRS Pro winner Micke Gullqvist, Sweden appreciates BILSPORT´s continued support and confirms he will once again battle for the title;

Micke Gullqvist – 2016 EDRS Pro and FIA Champion – photo by Remco Scheelings

– Yes, we will race the EDRS Pro Series again this year. We only have to add the race at Gardermoen, Norway, to the FIA tour we’re participating in to complete the EDRS.

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Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan

From the left: Carl-Erik Kihlman, Pär “Pippi” Willén, Johnny Durgin, Åsa Kinnemar and host Lelle Olsson. Behind the camera: Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar.

On Wednesday March 8th Speedgroup visited Motorsoffan #193 web-TV show. Broadcasted from the Nitroz studio in the South part of Stockholm, Sweden. Work Group member Carl-Erik Kihlman, CEO Åsa Kinnemar and contingency program co-ordinator Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar took part and shared information and news from the operation, Series and Championships.

The web-TV show replays at http://nitroz.se select webb-TV in the menu. Welcome to watch us!

PS. It is possible to select the English sub title version for non-Swedish speaking viewers.

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